Introducing Rim Guard™ –
    The Superior Tire Ballast

    Until now, the only tire ballast products available have been expensive foams (which are more sealant than ballast), steel weights and corrosive liquids (like calcium or magnesium chloride). Foams often cost more than the tire itself and ride hard over rough surfaces because the tire is solid. Steel wheel weights are very expensive and cumbersome to mount. And chlorides, while relatively inexpensive, are very damaging to wheel rims, equipment, and the environment.

    Well, all of that has changed. Now there is a new product for tires called Rim Guard®, a patented liquid wheel ballast that eliminates rust damage to tire rims, valves, gauges, and pumps. In fact, Rim Guard® is specially formulated to protect metal from damaging corrosion. Rim Guard® is so safe it's even OSHA-approved for use as livestock feed. Best of all, this amazing product is easily injected into tires or tubes and can be used safely in both new and antique equipment.


    Rim Guard® is perfect for use with:

    • farm tractors (both modern and antique),
    • small tractors with front-end loaders,
    • commercial back hoes, bobcats and all-terrain forklifts,
    • road graders, and
    • all types of lawn & garden tractors.

    Compare the advantages of Rim Guard® over all other tire ballast alternatives.


    Iron Weights

    • Iron weights cost about $1-$2/lb. Rim Guard® costs about $.28/lb.
    • Iron weights often load axles, frames and extend turning radius when mounted on the nose. Rim Guard® puts the weight where you need it – at the point where the rear tires contact the ground.
    • Unlike Iron Weights, Rim Guard® doesn't change the turning radius or occupy the 3 pt. hitch.
    • Unlike Iron Weights, Rim Guard® can be installed in front tires to help balance vehicle weight and improve traction of 4WD tractors.

    Calcium Chloride

    • Calcium Chloride seems inexpensive until you account for the fact that it should be contained in a tube. This adds cost ($39-$80 per tube) plus labor to tear down a tubeless tire and install the tube. Rim Guard® comes ready-to-use and can be installed in both tubed and tubeless tires.
    • Calcium Chloride is heavy – about 11.5 lbs./gallon. Rim Guard® weights 10.7-11 lbs. per gallon – about the same.
    • Calcium Chloride is freeze resistant to -30°F or -40°F depending upon how it is mixed. Rim Guard® is freeze resistant to -35°F and will not solidify until -50°F.
    • Calcium Chloride is highly corrosive. It will corrode/rust rims, valve stems, pumps, hose fittings, and shop tools. Rim Guard® is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.
    • Over time, if Calcium or Magnesium Chloride leaks from a tube, it will destroy the rim and valve stem. It will ruin the clothes of those who handle it and burn their hands. Rim Guard® is totally non-corrosive. It will never rust a rim or valve stem. It is water soluble – easily rinses with water from hands and clothing.
    • Calcium Chloride is toxic. It will contaminate soil and prevent plants from growing if it spills. Many states and municipalities classified it as a hazardous waste requiring cumbersome and expensive handling and disposal procedures. Rim Guard® is totally non-toxic, biodegradable, and animal food safe. It is easily diluted with water and can be disposed of as easily as water.
    • Calcium Chloride often must be mixed from powdered salt. Rim Guard® comes ready-to-use. No mixing is required.
    • With Calcium Chloride-ballasted tires, minor punctures are very expensive to repair. First, the liquid must be pumped from the tire, the tire broke down, and the tube removed and patched. The rim should be thoroughly cleaned of any calcium chloride residue to prevent rust. Then the tire must be reassembled and refilled with ballast. With Rim Guard® in a tubeless tire, you simply rotate the puncture to the top and plug it like you would a car tire – and you're done!


    Rim Guard® is the superior
    tire ballast because it's...

    • non-corrosive to metal,
    • non-flammable,
    • non-toxic to humans and animals,
    • environmentally safe & biodegradable,
    • freeze-rated to -35°F,
    • a ready-to-use liquid,
    • non-abrasive to metal, rubber, plastic, and other materials,
    • OSHA-approved,
    • much less expensive than iron weights, and
    • great for tractors, loaders, skid steers and more.
  • Rim Guard® also...

    • weighs just about the same as Calcium Chloride (10.7-11 lbs. per gallon),
    • allows for a lower center of gravity, more stability & increased pulling power, and
    • can be used with tubed as well as tubeless tires.
    • is made from an agricultural byproduct of sugar beet processing. It comes from the farm and goes back to the farm